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The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug addiction (EMCDDA) defines problem drug use as injecting drug use or long duration/regular use of opiates, cocaine and/or amphetamines. In Ireland we normally think about illegal drugs when we consider substance abuse, however, people can become addicted to prescribed drugs  and drugs obtained across the counter when they become dependent on their effect. If you are concerned about how you use drugs, then it is time to do something about it.
NewDay-NewWay provides a multi-faceted program for working with Substance Abuse, the principle components being;
  • Initial Diagnosis
  • Detox
  • Treatment and Relapse Prevention
  • Free from Substance Abuse.
Initial Diagnosis.

The purpose of the initial diagnosis is to establish the extent of the problem. When do you use? How much do you use? What is the pattern of your using? What triggers your usage? Are you an early, middle or late stage user? From the information obtained, we can decide on what Detox programme best suits your circumstances and how this might be obtained. 


The path to drug addiction begins with the voluntary act of taking drugs. Over time a person’s ability to choose not to do so can become compromised and seeking and consuming the drug becomes compulsive. There can be two reasons for this; drug exposure on brain functioning can create a form of chemical dependency in the brain; and using the drug can provide some form of emotional relief. Detox is absolutely essential in order to restore normal brain functioning. NewDay-NewWay can provide help and support with the detox process and can refer clients to appropriate residential detox services or assist clients in managing their own detox.

Treatment and Relapse Prevention.

Substance abuse can disrupt many aspects of your life, including; your health, your work, your family, your friends, your relationships, and your place in your community. NewDay-NewWay can provide you with a treatment programme that is designed to help you to change mal-adaptive behaviour that is damaging to your life and replace it with more productive behaviour that will improve your life and allow you to achieve your goals. By working through our Multi Component Cognitive Behavioural Systems Approach you can learn how to regain control over your life and stop depending on substance use.

This is achieved by;

  1. Empowering you to fully understand the dynamics around substance abuse and why behavioural change is important.
  2. Enabling you to understand and strengthen your motivation to change.
  3. Develop your confidence in yourself as the principle agent for change in the process.
  4. Set goals that are achievable.
  5. Monitor progress.
  6. Identify opportunities for relapse and develop and implement strategies to secure independence from substance abuse.
Free from Substance Abuse.
                                                                                                                                             What was your life like when you were abusing substances? What kind of environment did you live in? What were your relationships like? Were you working? How did other people see you? How would you like to be now? More importantly, What do you want to be different in your life now? This part of the programme will help you to achieve that difference. Each and every aspect of your life can contribute to the quality of the life you live. NewDay-NewWay can help you to succeed in realising your own destiny by enabling you and empowering you to;

Ø  Complete a Values Assessment.

Ø  Complete a Needs Analysis.

Ø  Develop a life plan based on your values.

Ø  Prioritise needs.

Ø  Identify goals.

Ø  Achieve your objectives

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