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Stress is an important part of our lives, and is a measure of how our environment arouses or stimulates us into action. We need stress to function. As we adapt to our environment, some things stress us more than others and we deal with them in different ways. When we feel threatened by a new situation that we are not familiar with, we can;

1.  Confront this situation and deal with it (Fight)

2.  Or avoid the situation until we get more information (Flight)

3.  Or become dissociated and paralysed (Freeze) in the hope that the threat will pass.

When we confront the situation, we learn and move on (Good Stress). If we avoid the situation and eventually learn how to confront it, this is also good stress. However, when we fail to learn and continue to respond with avoidance behaviour, stress accumulates and begins to negatively impact on us (Bad Stress). This also applies when we continue to respond by becoming dissociated or paralysed.  Good stress teaches us how to adapt well to our environment. Bad stress prevents us from adapting well to our environment and can eventually hurt our health, our relationships and our productivity at work.

You may have experienced situations and circumstances at any time in the past that created bad stress for you. When this is left unresolved, it can impede on the quality of your life now and prevent you from experiencing and enjoying your life more.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can learn how to manage your stress, improve your health, enjoy better relationships and become more effective in your work by learning better ways to deal with the bad stress. Why not do something right now.

If you need help to manage your stress, you can ring me at 086-8720559 or email

If you need help to manage your stress, you can ring me at 086-8720559 or email