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If you were sexually abused at some time in your life, you know better than anybody else how the experience has impacted on your life. The thoughts, the feelings and the memories can make it impossible for you to engage with life in a way that promotes and develops your self-esteem in a positive and productive way. Being able to thrust people, issues of self-doubt and feelings of shame can hold you back.
Counselling can help you to rediscover the real you by helping you to identify and deal with issues around the abuse, and support you in that journey. At all times in the process, your confidentiality will be paramount, as the counselling process enables you to work through your distress, in a safe environment, acknowledge the events that took place, in your own time, and at your own pace, and deal with the feelings that are generated by the memories that arise.
Let me help you to help yourself. For an appointment, please ring 086-8720559 or email