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If you are having difficulty in your relationship, that’s ok, you are human after all, and like most of us, never received any information or training about how to do successful relationships. You gave it your best shot and now there is a difficulty. Couldn’t life in general be described this way? When you have problems in other aspects of your life, like your car, or your finances, you go and get help. So to with your relationship, you can get help.
Good relationships don’t break up, although they may hurt from time to time. When you know there is something wrong, talk to your partner about it. If this doesn’t work, get help. Relationship therapy is all about helping you to focus in on exactly what is wrong in your relationship, discuss your needs, explore ways to achieve change, and agree how best to go forward into the future. With help and support you can achieve this. Contact me at 086-8720559 or email to arrange an appointment.
For the moment, see how you rate your relationship against the following information.
Do you think positive thoughts about your partner, focusing on the good, not the bad, in your partner’s personal qualities and character?
Do you think about your partner when apart or is it a case of out of sight out of mind?
Do you find it difficult to concentrate on other things when thinking about your partner?
Do you spend time together exploring new and challenging activities?
Do you spend time together doing ordinary things like shopping, cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc?
Do you express affection toward your partner, in a physical way?
Do you feel turned on by your partner’s touch?
Do you engage in sexual intercourse with your partner?
Do you feel happy about life in general?
Do you want to know where your partner is at all times?
Are you slightly obsessed with your partner?
Have you a strong passion for life?
Ring me on 086-8720559 or email to arrange an appointment.