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Health Coaching
Health coaching is a new way to help individuals cope with and manage their illnesses and conditions, especially those of a chronic nature. High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes  are examples of conditions that can improve with the help of a Health Coach. Our Healthier Lifestyles programme can help you to improve health and well-being and achieve a more balanced life. Health coaching assists people to achieve behavioral change that will improve their health and quality of life. Behavioral change can reduce the chronic nature of some illnesses and conditions, reduce their impact on the individual and help to restore wellness. Health Coaching programs currently available include;
 Type 2 Diabetes
High Blood Pressure
Healthier Lifestyles 
All programmes are designed to enable participants develop new and more rewarding ways of experiencing life. At the centre of our ethos is the belief that, with appropriate help and support, human beings are capable of helping themselves. Health Coaching can provide this help and support by helping you to understand your condition and giving you the confidence to work with your condition, in a way that is more beneficial for your health. All Health Coaching programmes are underpinned by a process called Motivational Interviewing, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) devise that both facilitates and supports an environment where change can take place.
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