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What is the best career choice for you? How can you ensure that you find the right job, the kind of work that can make you happy? By using our system of assessment and evaluation, which takes place in a relaxed, non-threatening and supportive manner, we can help you to get a better understanding of your ability and work type preferences based on your current learning, experience and natural personality.
Work type preferences refer to the kind or type of working situations that your particular personality type will thrive in. For example, if your personality type is that of an outgoing individual who enjoys meeting people and performs best when under pressure, then you will enjoy working in a situation that involves lots of people and will be more than likely performance related. In this kind of atmosphere you will excel. So there will be no point in you trying to succeed as an accounts clerk working in a backroom in some financial sector company. Somebody else, who enjoys working with numbers, likes peace and quiet and prefers to stay out of the spotlight will excel in this position.
Our Career Guidance Programme will help you to discover where your strengths lie, what are your current aptitudes and how best can they serve you in your working life. It will also help you to discover what learning needs, if any, that you might need to address while in pursuit of your career goals.
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