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Welcome      Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice
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Welcome to my Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice pages.

If you are working in the Health sector or the Community, Voluntary or Business sector, NewDay-NewWay, using a model of guided reflection on practice, can help and support you, as you develop your professional identity. Whether you are in private or public practice, with whatever level of experience, it is important for you to take time out to talk about your professional practice, in a structured and formal way. This will contribute to your learning, help clarify your role and responsibilities, and support you emotionally as you respond to the stresses and demands of working in your particular profession.

Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice is not about criticising, supervising or assessing practice; or giving advice about best practice, as is normally encountered in other forms of management and administrative supervision, preceptorship and mentoring. Rather, Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice provides space, time and professional support where you can reflect on practice with clients and fellow workers. By using a model of guided reflection on practice, you can develop your skills by learning from experience, as part of your continuing professional development.

Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice provides appropriate and supportive supervision related to your stage of personal and professional development, in the areas of normative, restorative and formative functioning.

The Normative function in Clinical Supervision of Professional Practice is concerned with supporting you in maintaining and monitoring the effectiveness of your everyday professional practice work. The Formative function is concerned with the continued development of your skills and abilities and understandings, through regular reflection on practice. The Restorative function is concerned with how you respond emotionally to the stresses and demands of working in your profession and providing you with support.

While Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice provides supervisees with time out to reflect (‘pit head time’), it also holds a gate keeping function in supporting supervisees in their relevant professions and as such must conform to the highest ethical and best practice standards. Ultimately the supervisor aims to protect the welfare of service members, the supervisee and the public. Evidence based practice findings supports the use of ‘Clinical Supervision in Professional Practice’ in the workplace.

Sessions take place at an agreed location and fees are designed to accomodate your level of development. Student rates apply.
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