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Addictions are compulsive behaviours that create negative consequences that are normally destructive for the individual. Negative consequences can present in areas of life including health, work, relationships, finances, legal, and any other area that can reduce the quality of life for you. Rather than asking yourself ‘Am I addicted’, it might be more appropriate to ask yourself, ‘How many problems is my involvement in this behaviour causing me, how much do I want to change it, and how can I go about creating this change?
Addiction can become a way of dealing with life, as a response to stress that is both internal and external. This can become automatic. To create ‘change’ in your life, to set your life in a positive direction, it is essential to understand that addiction is ‘changeable’, and that people do escape addictive behaviours and attitudes as they change their lives. I believe that 'You' are the primary agent of change in your life. With a little help, your own individual power and self-reliance (self-efficacy) will serve you best in overcoming your addiction. I can provide you with help and guidance as you develop your self-efficacy.  According to research, self-efficacy therapies succeed the best in overcoming addictions. I can offer you a hand across the bridge to recovery.  
The type of addiction treatment I offer is centred on a harm reduction process, is Person Centred and combines Cognitive Processing Therapy and Motivational Interviewing (both CBT devices). It is based on the Biological Psychological Social model of addiction and uses a developmental approach to recovery. Addiction treatment and recovery require addressing the body, mind, social environment, and spiritual needs of an individual (including nutrition, employment, family issues, psychological issues, environment, etc.). 
Research indicates that when this type of approach is used, success rates are much higher than any other approach, and lower levels of relapse are experienced.
Research also demonstrates that addiction does not have to be for life. People quit their addictions for all kinds of reasons. You can also quit your addiction.
With the right supports in place, you can quit now.
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